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Annemarie Cross,
Career Management and Reach Certified Personal Branding Strategist

Winner of:
Best Executive Resume and Master Resume Lifetime Achievement Award from Career Directors International

Only Australian Career Specialist to have worked directly with as one of their elite Career Transition Coaches.

Annemarie Cross is Australia's only triple certified professional resume writer/career coach to be published in 15 internationally-leading career books. She also holds eight internationally recognised certifications in personal branding, resume writing, interviewing and career coaching; and she has received multiple TORI nominations and awards for her outstanding talent in resume writing, since 2002.

Annemarie also holds additional certifications, [allowing her to expand the services she provides to her expansive client base], including Business/Human Resources, Workplace training, Career/Workplace counselling and NLP.

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Attention: High-performing, career-focused professionals

Ready to experience REAL success?

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Sadly, many job seekers experience the exact opposite - their resumes failing to position them as a top candidate because it lacks prominence and professionalism and fails to portray their overall values, strengths and unique personal brand offerings relevant to the organisationís needs.

Endeavouring to write their own resumes or hiring an inexperienced resume writer (who is not qualified in creating a powerful, achievement-focused resume), they continue to experience disappointment. Sound like you? 

In t
odays competitive job market your resume will have about 15-20 seconds to make an impression. What impression is your resume making? Are you a victim of a poorly presented resume that is failing to seize the impression you want? Great news is you no longer have to accept knock-backs and find yourself selected out of the running with your applications!


...having a distinctive, powerful and compelling resume that:


attracts attention and captures interviews and job offers at whatever level you are at within your career
showcases your value and expertise with impressive achievements that broadcasts 'hire me!!' to the recruiter or employer
highlights value-added wins to support you throughout the interviewing process for whatever industry you are targeting
contains results and accomplishments that will allow you to boost your position and worth during salary negotiation
enhances your potential even in situations of limited experience in the cases of a graduate or someone seeking a career change
focuses on your specific job/industry target, crucial in a career change or defence (military) to civilian employment transition
powerfully positions your international experience so even as a migrant competing in a tough market place, you can position yourself as a top candidate despite your limited Australian experience

 With our resumes you can experience all of the above!

Our resumes are rated among the 'best of the best' on an international scale,  having received TORI nominations and awards since 2002.

Recent accolades include winning an International Resume Writing award:
Best Military-to-Civilian Resume TORI Award.

Previous awards include:

 BEST EXECUTIVE RESUME TORI AWARD and Master Resume Lifetime ACHIEVEMENT Award for outstanding contribution to the Industry.
Career Directors International.


Scroll down to read some of our clients' successes. You too can catapult your level of success with a powerful new resume.

Success story: Moving to Australia and securing a senior level role in record time.
Meet Robert - relocating to Australia he could only hope to find suitable employment. His dynamic new resume catapulted his success and it was only a matter of weeks before he was offered a senior role.

When I decided to move to Australia I contacted Annemarie to assist in rewriting my resume. From the first contact I found Annemarie to be very professional and the final product was professionally set up. I used the new format resume to introduce myself to a number of companies and within two weeks I received numerous positive replies. The following week I was offered a senior position with a consulting company. My thanks to Annemarie for a job well done and I will not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

Robert de Vries, IT/CIO

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As many of our clients have experienced, picture yourself:

Securing interviews for jobs you've only ever dreamed about.  
Positioning yourself ahead of your competitors throughout the selection and interviewing process.  
Being able to showcase your expertise and value professionally.  
Receiving multiple job offers with maximised salary offers.  

What would that mean to you?

Are you ready to earn more money?
Are you ready to secure your dream role?


Success story: a 70% increase in salary!
Meet Al - his new resume not only secured him a new job opportunity, but one that was far more senior and paid a staggering 70% more in salary!

Just some feedback on my job-hunt - I was offered a position last week with a firm and have accepted the offer! It is more senior, has more responsibilities and pays 70% more than what I am getting now. I believe the resume you wrote for me is what caught their attention and resulted in me getting this role. Thanks very much for your assistance - great job!

Al Watson,

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