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Innovative career marketing tools

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Simply the most impressive designs I have encountered..
Annemarie Cross is a multi-awarding winning HR resume and web portfolio professional, who is totally focused and dedicated to the service of her clients, and has a wealth of experience to draw upon. I was attracted to AEC for three reasons: first, the web portfolios are very user-friendly, but the real benefits are their practical focus, their flexibility, and their wide range of designs; second, the web portfolio will ensure that I remain marketable as a HR researcher and practitioner; and third, the web portfolio will allow me to gain an outside perspective to network with like-minded colleagues.

Annemarie's web portfolios are simply the most impressive designs I have encountered. I highly recommend Annemarie and her team to design a web portfolio for you.
Rick Marsh, HR Researcher/Practitioner

Annemarie's company - Advanced Employment Concepts was great to work with. The professionalism and friendliness was stunning. The web portfolio that Annemarie developed was the best investment I ever made. It's exactly what I was looking for. It covers today's needs about having information always visible and available.

Dominique C. Brack, Director 807AM Breakthrough PTY LTD

Career Web Portfolios - Benefits | How to? | Who Can?

Boosting your candidacy with a powerful portfolio

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Here's just a few of the benefits that a portfolio can deliver...

Seizes the recruiter's/potential employer's attention;
Improves your competitive edge and positions your application far above your competitors with a compelling visual portrayal of your expertise;
Exploits visual dynamism to leave a memorable impression with a recruiter, potential employer, or network contact;
Strengthens your bargaining power at salary negotiation phase, by allowing you to combine both visual and auditory elements during your discussions;
Elevates your credibility, image and overall professional branding by making a dynamic and visual portrayal of your career communication;
Allows access to your expertise and credentials 24/7 x 365 days;
Boost your confidence and morale throughout the job search process;
Establishes a higher quality impression; and the list goes on....


How can you harness the benefits of a portfolio?

Direct the recruiter's/hiring manager's attention to your web portfolio when emailing your resume by adding a link at the bottom of your email;
Add your web portfolio URL to your email signature lines and use this signature whenever you communicate electronically, i.e. email, chat board, job forums, etc;
Include your web portfolio URL in the contact information on your resume, cover letter, follow-up/thank you letter and any other written communication you forward to recruiters, potential employers, and network contacts;
Mention your web portfolio in the closing section of your cover letter;
Add your web portfolio URL to your personal business cards;
Further expand on results and achievements by allowing the reader to gain better understanding of Challenge, Action, Results scenario's, often not portrayed within a resume in order to keep the document succinct;
Showcase photographs and images of your special projects or awards, often omitted within a resume due to length constraints;
Provide an expansive list of high-profile clients and projects to highlight your expertise and achievements secured; and the list goes on...


Who can benefit from a portfolio?

All job seekers can harness the benefits of a web portfolio, including:

Executives / Management / Professionals:

Showcase outstanding results and outcomes in greater depth;

Incorporate visually compelling graphs and charts to add impact;

Include images of awards / recognition / special projects;

Highlight quantifiable market penetration, sales growth and profitability expansion in greater detail with key accomplishment summaries;


Portray your personal and business philosophy;

Provide a flow chart of your career progression / goal mastery;

Demonstrate commitment to knowledge growth with an extensive list of specialised training;


Students / Graduates:

Course project outlines;
Areas of knowledge learned;
Extra curricular activities;
Special projects;
Work samples;
Transferable skills and experience overview;
School Affiliations; and much more...


Showcase an impressive client list to demonstrate diverse experience;
Outline charts and/or graphs to demonstrate quantifiable achievements/improvement you have made on behalf of your clients
Highlight Challenge; Action; Result scenarios to portray your initiative and problem solving prowess;
Photographs of speaking engagements to position yourself as an 'industry specialist';
Portray impressive project & work samples; and much more...


Career Web Portfolios
Optimising your application throughout the search process

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