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Simply the most impressive designs I have encountered..
Annemarie Cross is a multi-awarding winning HR resume and web portfolio professional, who is totally focused and dedicated to the service of her clients, and has a wealth of experience to draw upon. I was attracted to AEC for three reasons: first, the web portfolios are very user-friendly, but the real benefits are their practical focus, their flexibility, and their wide range of designs; second, the web portfolio will ensure that I remain marketable as a HR researcher and practitioner; and third, the web portfolio will allow me to gain an outside perspective to network with like-minded colleagues.

Annemarie's web portfolios are simply the most impressive designs I have encountered. I highly recommend Annemarie and her team to design a web portfolio for you.
Rick Marsh, HR Researcher/Practitioner

Annemarie's company - Advanced Employment Concepts was great to work with. The professionalism and friendliness was stunning. The web portfolio that Annemarie developed was the best investment I ever made. It's exactly what I was looking for. It covers today's needs about having information always visible and available.

Dominique C. Brack, Director 807AM Breakthrough PTY LTD

Career Web Portfolios - FAQs

Leading-edge techniques in Career Marketing

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Q: Why do I need a web portfolio?
While a career web portfolio is not designed to replace your resume, it can elevate yo
ur overall job search campaign by allowing you to:

Showcase achievements and special projects in more detail, often omitted within a resume due to space limitations;

Position yourself as a technically-savvy job seeker;

Maximise your job search campaign by having a 24/7 visual portrayal of your your expertise;

Q: What about my privacy?
If you are worried your existing employer may find your details on the internet, there are some strategies we can implement to decrease the possibility of your web portfolio being discovered. We do advise that references/referee names and contact details not be included in your web portfolio, as these names can be picked up by search engines. Please contact our consultants if you feel unsure in this area and would like to discuss this in further detail.

Q: Where is my portfolio hosted?
Your web portfolio will be hosted with Advanced Employment Concepts.

Q: Is there an added fee for hosting?
Hosting fees are incorporated within the initial cost of the web portfolio design. After 12 months, additional cost of $35 (plus GST) is applicable.

Q: What will my domain name be?

Q: Can I choose my web portfolio's layout and design?
We have a number of choices of dynamic web portfolio designs and layouts for you to choose from. Check out the samples by visiting our sister site

Q: Do I still need my resume?
Absolutely! A web portfolio will not replace your resume, but rather add to your overall campaign. Your resume is still a vital tool within your career marketing tools, however combined with a dynamic web portfolio aims to boost your credibility and elevate your professionalism from your competitors.

Q: Can I just purchase the career web portfolio without having purchased a resume from you?
No. You will have had to purchase a resume or resume career marketing package from our company prior to purchasing a career web portfolio, as we will incorporate the information from your existing resume into your portfolio.

Career Web Portfolios
Optimising your application throughout the search process

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