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Success stories

Apologies for not replying sooner, things have been hectic!

Since we last spoke, I’ve had a total of 3 interviews after submitting to four different job positions in the ACT. Of the 3 interviews one is now in the advanced stages (Solutions Architect with [name omitted for privacy]), I have the third and final interview tomorrow.

The resume looks absolutely fantastic, it exceeds my expectations. However what I found of significant value was the interview coaching and your book '10 key Steps to Ace that Interview!.' I have read this carefully and used various of you questions at the appropriate points including the do’s and don’ts. I have learned a lot from this in a very short period. Again, I personally found this of great value!
Brett Flohr, Network Solutions Architect

Just wanted to share a happy moment with you: after interviewing with the company - I was offered the job! Thanks for the help with my interview coaching and strategies - a few of them really paid off. B. Eggles, IT

“I recently sat an interview for a Government position and the expert help and guidance I received from "10 key steps to Ace that Interview!", combined with a telephone consultation with Annemarie Cross assisted me greatly in a successful interview process. Thanks Annemarie for your professionalism and knowledge.” Shane Jacobs

"As a former career coach, I would highly recommend this book to my clients who are searching for a clear and useful guide to interviewing for that perfect job.

Annemarie is able to condense years of knowledge into a crystal clear manual for the job-seeker. She gets to the point without the fluff and hype of many of these guides, and is able to steer the reader through the process of the most intimidating aspect of the job search--interviewing. This guide will help both the recent graduate and the more experienced job seeker, by clarifying how to prepare and what to expect."
Stacey Morris, MS & Focus Coach  


Interviewing Success Program (ISP)

Interview telecoaching with Australia's first Certified Employment Interview Professional. The solutions, techniques, and comprehensive e-Workbook provided during your coaching, will certainly provide you with innovative strategies to enhance your employment interviewing performance.

 ISP Contents | ISP Overview | ISP Cost | Method of Delivery | What is telecoaching?

Interview Success Program Contents:
Behaviour Profiling Report (Interviewing Insights - enabling you to prepare for the interview  process by displaying your general characteristic, ideal work environment, value to the organisation and interview questions).
Behaviour Profiling e-Worksheets (accompanying the Interviewing Insights Reports) to leverage unique strengths and value you offer.
10 Key Steps to Ace that Interview book (for more information on the book, click here).
Ace that Interview e-Workbook (40+ pages of exercises to be completed alongside the book).
One-hour interview coaching (in 2 x 1/2 hour telecoaching sessions or 1 x 1 hour session).


Interview Success Program Overview
Identifying and developing strategies to eliminate self-sabotaging tendencies. Conceptualise yourself to success!
Analysing the various types of interviews, and how to optimise your performance during each of these.
Overcoming obstacles, barriers and adversity; transforming negatives into positives.
Responding to difficult questions; scripting appropriate responses.
Understanding vital stages through the interview process and how to maximise your performance during each of these stages: Preparation; Arrival; Introduction; Rapport Building; Closing; Follow- up.
Coaching your referees in order to enhance and optimise their communication during the reference checking process.
Behavioural Interviewing vs. Traditional Interviewing – this is becoming an extremely common method of interviewing prospective candidates. Identify what behavioural interviewing is, and learn cutting-edge methods on how to approach and strategically answer behavioural questioning.
How to develop your dynamic, self-promoting, 30-second elevator-marketing tool.
How to negotiate and maximise your salary/remuneration package.
Identify your interviewer’s communicating style through their behaviour and mannerisms; learn how to adapt your style to correspond with theirs and find out why this is crucial.
Any topic or concern you would like coaching around.


Interviewing Success Program Cost
The program is offered with or without the DISC behaviour profiling report. If you are uncertain whether the report would be of any benefit to you, please feel free to contact us for additional information.
ISP with DISC profiling assessment and worksheets**
[the entire program as detailed above]

AU620* Buy Me

ISP without DISC profiling assessment and worksheets** [includes book and e-Workbook]

AU$440* Buy Me

ISP one hour coaching only
[without DISC, worksheets or copy of the book]


AU$400*Buy Me

Half hour sessions for clients who have already participated in our coaching program and would like to follow up with some performance boosting laser coaching. [Phone only]

AU$200* Buy Me


* Prices do not include GST.
**P&H of $7.50 will apply for national orders, or $15.00 for international orders that include the book.


Interviewing Success Program Method of Delivery
2 x 1/2 hour telecoaching sessions; or
1 x 1 hour telecoaching session [recommended]
[Note: Face to face coaching is available. Please contact our office for further information].

Click here to learn more about our book 10 key steps to Ace that Interview!


What is telecoaching?
Telecoaching resembles a live presentation however is facilitated by telephone with our coaching staff contacting you at a time convenient for you, either during the day or in the evening. Telecoaching is fast becoming one of the more popular means of communication due to numerous benefits it offers, including convenience and cost-effectiveness due to elimination of travel time and associated expenses.

Contact us today to schedule your interview coaching before you attend your next employment meeting.