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Career Resource Centre

Position yourself for continued career success with the resources provided below, including our fortnightly newsletter Career Communiqu x-Press, career counselling articles, and websites of interest. Enjoy!

   Career Communiqu x-Press NewsletterCareer Counselling Articles | Website Resources

Career Communiqu x-Press newsletter:
November 2003
Five ways to prepare for Interview Questions
"How do you handle problem customers?"
   Q&A: Is a 'thank you' appropriate after an
   Salary disclosure strategies
December 2003
Optimising your resume for internal promotions
Working Wardrobes-Guest Writer
Unexpected interview screening opportunities
Working Wardrobes-Guest Writer
10 Tips for making more time in your day.
Q&A: My young daughter needs a resume-help!
January 2004
  Avoiding stress and burnout
  10 most commonly asked interview questions
  Common interview bloopers
  Top 10 Career Milestones
  His Style
  Q&A: Referees - Whom to choose
February 2004
  Are you a procrastinator
  Optimising your communication
  10 tips for communicating your career brand
  Business casual
  Q&A: Focused or broad career target

March 2004
  Managing your interruptions
  10 tips for S.M.A.R.T. interviewing stories
  Business basics and black in style
  Q&A: Strategies for my cover letter?
April 2004
  Maintaining your motivation
  The buoy factor
  Q&A: Why do you want to leave your current
    employer? How to handle that interview question

May 2004
  Rules of goal setting
  Dressing casual in business-flirty after 5


June 2004
  Importance of researching in your job
  Avoiding work-a-holism
  Investment Dress
  How to beat physical graffiti
  Q&A: Illegal interview questions

July 2004
  Don't become a victim of burnout
  Will I fit into this company? 5 hot tips on
    uncovering a company's culture
  So what really is business casual image
  What treasures are hidden in your office
  Q&A: How to hand termination in an

August 2004
  Secure that internal promotion
  What not to wear when wanting a pay rise or
  That's the way we do it round here
  Q&A: How to handle career breaks
  Protecting your personal persona

September 2004
  Career Crossroads
  Workplace Bullying
  How to improve your image while watching
  Hot email tips for time efficiency
  Identifying your expertise, experience and

October 2004
  Congratulations to all graduates!
  Strategies for continuing career success
  Image-Job interview tips
  Are you drowning in email?

November 2004
  Job Search Success
  How to stretch time-24 hours is enough
  Why have I got a wardrobe full of clothes
    and nothing to wear?
  Behavioural Interviews-How to survive
  Scrutinising your skill level

December 2004/January 2005
  Tips to keep your job search confidential
  That's the way we do it round here!
  Study proves Image Consultants increase
    self esteem
  Q&A: Transitioning from non-profit to

  Portfolio Careers

February 2005
10 Tips to enhance your networking skills
Choosing the right resume format
Not another meeting
Is your handshake up to scratch
Q&A: I'm overqualified - Help!
Job Loss...


March 2005
Be afraid, be very afraid of gremlins
Could your computer virus be keeping you
      from a job
Teamwork for Job Search Success
Designing and Using an Employment/Web
Do you look outdated
   Privileged soapbox? How to be an effective
Transforming your hobby into a business

April 2005
Career Schedules
Asking for a Pay Rise
Have you got a minute - Interruptions, the
     Bane of our Life
Using colour to look slimmer and taller
More Workers Choosing Part-time Careers
Q&A: A Consultant's Resume
5 Common Mistakes to be wary of before
     starting your new business

May 2005
Women and Men and the Workplace: Same
     Strategies, Different Realities
The importance of job applications
How to make Temp Agencies work for you
Research in your Job Search
Q&A: 23 years' of experience?
Breaking through the Barrier - Dealing with
     Unhelpful Mindsets

June 2005
Demonstrative Interviews
The Human Resource Personality Test
Are you reading as many books as you like
Q&A - Tell me about yourself?
5 key steps to developing a positive


July 2005
How to keep all the balls in the air - managing
   work and home
Maintaining professionalism throughout your job
   search campaign is crucial
Q&A - Strange Interview Questions
Customer Relationships - The lifeline to your
   business success

August 2005
De-mystifying Resume Keywords
Fast-track career success with Informational
A life balance profile
Interviewing: Visualise Success
Q&A: A graduate's perspective on
   employability skills
More Profit with Improved Lifestyle 

September 2005
Crucial research to catapult your interview
   performance and your career
Gimme more time
Coach's Corner-Education & Learning
Q&A: "How much money will I need to live the
   lifestyle I want to retire?"
Increasing Business Awareness through
   Business Coaching

October 2005
Interviewing 101-Avoid being labelled
Growing your achieve your career
Job Search Etiquette-Thank You Letters
Coach's Corner-Cracked Pots
Q&A: Where are all the jobs?


November 2005
Interviewing 101-How to handle a previous
   termination in an interview
Special Offer - Resume Gift Certificates
Coach's Corner - Finance & Money
Managing Debt-are you working for it or is it
   working for you?
Q&A - Returning to the Workforce
Strengthening Foundations to Improve
   Business Success in the New Year

Dec/Jan 2006
Coach's Corner: New Year's Resolutions - Don't
   set yourself up for failure!

Making sure 2006 is your best year ever - Kick
   Start Your Year
In the Spotlight: Interview with Julie-Anne Peake
    - Psychologist
Q&A: I'm tired of my role, but I love the
   company - HELP!
New Year Career Checklist

February 2006
Coach's Corner: Living your Purpose
Ten Business Success Tips
Ace that Interview! Preparation is key
In the Spotlight: Interview with Sarah Brown
   -  Bookkeeper
Q&A: I want to resign - can you provide a 
   few pointers?
Going Part Time [from a financial aspect]
Continually being passed up for promotion?
   Key strategies to overcome this problem

March 2006
Coach's Corner: Changing Unhelpful Beliefs
Ace that Interview: Assessment Centres
In the Spotlight: Mary Benton - Financial Planner
Q&A: I'm in career limbo! Help!
Hot off the Press: Keeping up with AEC news!
The Redundancy Ride
Monthly Specials - Career Web Portfolios


April 2006
Coach's Corner: Pursuing Your Passion: have
   you lost the passion for your work?

Ace that Interview: Bad Fit Syndrome
In the Spotlight: Geoff Edwards - Business
Q&A: I want to resign
Breaking through the Barriers - dealing with
   unhelpful mindsets
Hot off the Press: New alliance established!
Get Dressed for Your Job Interview
Monthly Specials - Career Web Portfolios
Super Splitting

May 2006
Coach's Corner: Living Your Purpose: Strategies
   for Ongoing Career Success & Future
   Employer Negotiations

Ace that Interview: Research is Vital
In the Spotlight: Sharon Coffey - Recruitment
Q&A: PhDs - in or out?
Hot off the Press: New book launch!
A Little Humour
Monthly Specials - Free Book Giveaway
June 2006
Living Your Purpose: For Graduates
Ace that Interview: 5 must-follow interview
Q&A: How to address lack of formal education
Hot off the Press: Purposeful Careers: 15 steps
   to clarifying, designing and living your life's
   calling launch
Monthly Specials - Free Book Giveaway
Program Launch: Powerful Resumes - 6 crucial
   writing strategies to Secure that Interview! e-

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Recruitment Agency Brisbane
Description: Axis Recruitment is highly experienced in the recruitment industry, offering a choice of three personalised packages to suit individual needs, specialising in corporate, accounting, office support, executive, customer service, sales and hospitality recruitment positions.

Description: At you will find a list of job descriptions across all industries that will also include education/qualification requirements and salary expectations.

Description: Seniorsearch provides a unique service to advertise for experienced mature age workers. Click to find out more and advertise on Seniorsearch.  

The Regeneration
You accumulate all sorts of useful skills throughout your life... and your set of skills is a very marketable asset at any age - from 18 to 88! However, you probably haven't been trained to think in terms of marketing your skills, as your your skills define who you are! Skills define the person, and each person is unique.

In Australia there is now an Australian Skills Marketplace - a place where you can register and advertise your unique set of skills, and where savvy employers can locate people with the skill set they need.

Just think about it for a second...
A service that allows you to market and trade your skills directly with the people that need them!

Just Be

Just Be is Australias job site and career resource for women, helping women find jobs and enhance careers by connecting them with organizations and employers that take diversity seriously.

Priorities is a recruitment and training firm that specializing in placing highly capable people into flexible roles.  We help employers to recognize the value that can be gained from flexible job design and we assist candidates to find that ideal role that enables them to achieve work/life balance.

Jobs in HR
Description: Jobs in HR is a free employment information service specifically for the Australian HR profession. Our weekly or daily email bulletins are guaranteed to contain only fresh employment opportunities from graduate level through to Director.  

Work In Cairns
Description: Work In Cairns is Far North Queenslands No.1 Job Search website. Search for Jobs, post your resume. Employers, advertise your job vacancies online.

People Online - Job Search Australia
Description: People Online is a Job Search Agency in Australia focused on finding the right people for the right employment positions in many diverse and exciting industries. Also offering recruitment services to employers looking to advertise positions vacant. Located in Adelaide but servicing Australia wide.

Begin Career
Description: A Valuable Career Directory and Information Resource.

Business Intelligence Software Directory
Description: A one stop resource for all your business intelligence software needs.

Begin Writing
Description: Categorised resource directory for everything about writing.

KW Browse
Description: Resume Writing Tools
Description: Resource site for everything to do with customer service. Full of newsletters, articles, links and other resources - ALL FREE - in one easy to navigate site to save time and money.

Career Assessment Brain Testing
Discription: Find out what half of your brain is most dominant, what skills you possess and how can this help you build a strong career. Be happier, healthier and wealthier.
Description: Provides information about online degrees & courses, colleges & universities.
You can find the program you need, register, and earn your degree from the convenience of your home or office.

Applicant Tracking Software
Description: HR Brief is an online guide to HR consultants, which provides information and the best recruitment software solutions to human resource consultants.
Description: Recruitment Consultants based in Mumbai, India offering jobs in all industry sectors including Information Technology, Software, Retail and Engineering. Extensive career related resources available.

Human Resource professionals
Description: HR shopper is your one stop shopping destination for every human resource. We provides HR solutions to every body who are looking for practical day to day advice in their life.

Physician Employments, Dermatology jobs
Description: A complete resource of physician employment, physician jobs and different variety of medical, cardiology, medicine jobs available.

Different Teaching Strategies
Description: Starla's Teach Tips offers an array of lesson plans and different teaching strategies for subjects including Science, Body Systems, Anatomy and more.

Free Coaching Resources
Description: New and exciting site provide information about Coaching Resources and Directory

Physician Jobs & Physician Employment
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Military School
Description:, your one-stop site to learn about the fascinating world of military school life and opportunities.

Career Test Fish for Your Career

Description: Find your ideal career with this online career test. Groper assesses your interest in 170 occupations to determine the career and area of study that best suits you.

Horizon Academy
Description: Horizon Academy provides advanced learning courses which help students to maximize their learning process and help them achieve academic excellence.

Job interview questions

Description: A job interview questions guide for jobseekers and for interviewers  Part-Time, Casual and Temporary Australian Job Search
Description: Free job search, work alarms (job email alerts) and work wanted posters for job seekers. - Jobs that fit your lifestyle.

   Description :  Manchester Job Smart is committed to help you find the right construction job in Manchester.

   Who's Hiring aims to deliver Jobs, Careers & Employment to job seekers. Jobs can be found via direct contact with
   companies,  major organizations and recruitment agencies looking to employ.

Jobs Australia
Get the latest jobs in Australia & New Zealand from Jobserve.

Technical Interviewing Tips

Access to Interview Questions & Answers; Placement Written Test Papers; Source Codes & Student Practice Guides, and more for the candidate targeting the IT industry.