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Please do not copy the content as this would not be a true indication of you and your unique circumstances and could seriously jeopardise your candidacy.]

Senior Marketing Sample
Senior HR Executive
Accountant/Financial Controller

Editor/Website Content Developer
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The Ultimate Package
For the executive/professional who offers senior level expertise in their field.

You are a visionary leader with the Midas touch for corporate ingenuity, masterminding strategies that continuously drives business from strength to strength. This packages includes everything a senior executive, professional or manager requires to deliver a strong campaign. [Read more including pricing]


The Prominent Package
For the executive/professional who offers mid level expertise in their field. Also suitable for a manager, supervisor, and IT professional with mid level experience.

With talent and potential like yours, you are definitely on your way up that career ladder and no-one is going to get in your way. The saying "able to leap tall buildings in a single bound" perfectly encapsulates your accomplishments. This career-marketing package will dynamically portray your expertise in whatever field you are in. [Read more including pricing]


The Solutions Package
For the bookkeeper, office administrator or professional working in a corporate or other environment within a non-supervisory/non-management capacity.

Your talent is what keeps the office functioning, whether you are the first point of call at reception; the bookkeeper; the administrative clerk; or the secretary. Demonstrate your multi-faceted competencies and overall organisational value with this solutions package. [Read more including pricing]


The Return to Work Package
For people returning to work after a career break.

After a career break, you want to make a powerful application as you relaunch your career in your specific industry. This package has everything you need in order to showcase your transferable competencies and experience as you transition back into the workforce, despite limited recent experience. [Read more including pricing]


The Emerger Package
For the results-driven and career-focused graduate/entry-level candidate.

For the graduate, serious about showcasing their academic achievements and qualifying themselves from their peers. This package not only includes dynamic career-marketing documents, but will also provide you with numerous interview strategies to enhance your performance during an employment meeting. [Read more]


The Flexi Package
For the casual/part-time blue-collar, trade, logistics/warehousing, hospitality and tourism staff. [Note: this package is not for management/leadership level.]

For the hands-on, process-oriented candidate delivering quality results, whether in a trade, hospitality/customer service or warehousing/logistical environment. Being competitive, high-demand and high-turnover sectors, your resume will stand out from the crowd when targeting your permanent, part-time or casual role. [Read more including pricing]


The Secondary Starter Package
For secondary school students taking the initial steps in their career journey.

You are a secondary school student, either leaving school or targeting first time employment. This package will portray your enthusiasm, academic pursuits, part time employment and other transferable skills with style. Distinguish yourself with this beginners package. [Read more including pricing]


The Corporate Bio

For the entrepreneur, the visionary, and the influencer, who excels in their field. Portray your expertise, drive and foresight with a company resume, or Principal/senior staff profile, to propel your business's reputation, corporate standing and overall value to prospective clients, business partners, or financiers. [Read more]


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