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Success stories - how much success can YOU handle?


I came across your website and also your profile on facebook.

Following your advice I tuned up my CV, and all the different stages in the process to apply for a job.

I got 3 interviews, and landed the 3 different jobs. After following again your advice I was able to choose one of them. Even though is not in my field, I have found a new way of seeing the positive in this demanding process of long term career achievement.

I also feel that through the process of learning and meeting new people in my new job, I am discovering more possibilities in myself.

Thanks, God bless you and keep you and your family well Fredy R


My name is George M Menassa and I hold a position with Primus Telecom as a Senior Corporate Finance Officer.

I would like to put on record my total gratitude and appreciation to Annemarie for revamping my resume, as the acceptance of this document has been to date and in search of new employment opportunities immense and very encouraging.

I have no doubts that was the best investment I ever made towards my career and I would like whoever reads this testimonial to accept the confidence and the professionalism displayed towards in revamping my resume. George Menassa


Just writing to thank you for all the help you gave me with the resume and interview preparation. I have just started my internship with [name withheld] Markets division which is just what I wanted. I was also offered interviews with [name withheld] and [name withheld], which I did not pursue because [name withheld] came out with offers weeks before the others completed their interview processes and I thought [name withheld] would be a better fit for me.

Your resume and interview preparation services are exactly what I needed to make the interviewers notice me and to present all my experiences succinctly. I wouldn't have done anywhere near as well as I did without your help. Sean Filmer

Thank you for sending me through the final formats for my resume. You will be pleased to know that I applied for the positions we discussed, went to an interview and was offered the position the next day!! I truly believe that the professionalism, preparation and structure of the resume you prepared assisted me in getting this position. Thank you for your advice and support in this process. I could not have done it without your help and guidance. Fiona Weissenfeld, Project Officer, Social Planning and Policy

It's the greatest investment I made for my career would be an understatement...I speak from a positive experience. I advanced through the application screening stage of 3 major Australian bank's highly competitive graduate recruitment process. We were informed that an average of 4,000 to 5,000 applications were received and that my resume was my 'golden ticket. I was ecstatic to have received offers to advance through the interview stage.

Annemarie has provided a seamless, professional and efficient service that's truly personalised to your needs. I applaud her ability to showcase an accurate description of my knowledge and experience in the best possible light. She is exceptionally effective in producing a high quality marketing tool (your resume) to achieve maximum results in securing that all important interview.

I highly recommend any job seeker who are seriously committed in clinching that dream job to seek out Annemarie's professional service. Pauline Lian - Assistant Accountant

Hi Annemarie, how are you?

Just to refresh your memory - you produced a resume for me last October - November [2007]. I would like to let you know that I highly appreciate your efforts in producing an outstanding resume, as I have since been employed by the foremost bank and wealth manager in the country. My interviewers frequently commented on the high quality of the resume. Thanks again! Jagmohan Dhaliwal - Business, Investment & Finance Analyst

Well Annemarie, the resume certainly works!

The day after sending it off I had a call from a job I'd applied for in Melbourne.  They wanted to discuss my resume and get details my experiences.  We talked for around 15 minutes fleshing out the details which caused me some confusion, as they were clarifying things I knew were detailed in the resume you created.  I then asked them when they received it from me and the answer was around a week ago.  It was then that I realised they had my old resume!

So I explained I'd just spent around $700 getting a new one professionally done and asked if they'd like it.  They of course said 'yes'.  So I sent it through via email.

The response verbatim was "Worth $700!"  This was on the Thursday.  On Monday I flew over to Melbourne at their request to attend the first and second interviews with the company and I'm now on the shortlist with reference checks being made.  Of course your book on interview tips came in most handy for the interview process as well.  Having some comprehensive research on the company particularly impressed them.  I also took the psychological profile you provided me and they seemed eager to have that as well.

To me this was a fantastic result and enough reason to see value in your service...except for the fact that I'm hearing back from other agencies as well, wanting to send me job descriptions to see if I'm interested in them!  They're not just getting in touch with me for the jobs I've applied for, they're sending me details on additional jobs they have, to see if I want to apply for those as well.  I'd say between 50% to 75% of agencies where I'm applying for jobs are getting in touch with me, where maybe 5% to 10% were talking to me before I had you update my resume.

So there you go - thank you so much!! P. Savill -Process Improvement Executive | Six Sigma

Let me just start off saying 'thanks a TON!' I left Adelaide and my previous job on the 23rd of last month and got two job offers (one from a CA firm and another from one of the Big 4 companies Ė name withheld) before the 16th of May ------ it's all about the first impression and getting the first call ...where I got a chance to prove myself in person. 

I have accepted the role with [name withheld]! Number 3 in Australia and Number 1 in the USA! 

As an aspiring accountant, an opportunity to start off with a Big 4 was only a dream ... which has been fulfilled because of you.  

So hereís an email to your team, thanking each one of you for all your effort!! THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) K. H. - Accountant

Just an update on my job search. To date I have been dealing directly with recruiters based in Sydney. I had a fantastic interview with [name withheld] for a Project Management role and following the interview they wanted to offer the more senior position of Senior Project Manager.  

I have since been dealing with other recruiters in Sydney and all have said that the clients they have presented my CV to have been very impressed. Iím essentially looking for a Senior PM role with either a Security Company (names withheld) or large building firms (names withheld).

I could have accepted several offers by now without even an interview (due to the standard of the CV and my experience) however as I am currently employed I can afford to wait until I receive the Ďrightí offer! Adrian Edgcome-Lucas, Senior Project Manager - Security

Just a note to say thank you for the professional service and product you provided for Mick's application. Thank you for being efficient and producing such an excellent resume and letter.

Your expertise is indicative of the service you provide to your customers! We will surely recommend your services to our friends.

Louise Mount, Plant Operator - Mining

Hope everything is going well for you. Soon after the completion and presentation of my resume to prospective employers, I secured the position I had been seeking for far more money than I expected, and since, have continued to accelerate my career in that role.

Not only was the content and presentation great, but being able to read through my resume solidified my career achievements, and gave me the self-belief and confidence to be successful at interview, which is half the battle. So, thank you very much!
Paul Murphy, IT Service Delivery | Technical Team Lead

I am really, really, really happy with what you have done! Can't see any reason why I wonít be getting interviews right away. In fact, I forwarded the resume you put together for me to [name withheld] at around 9.30am today. I received a call for an interview about an hour and a half later. SCORE!!!!

It has all happened so fast - thank you again. Job EXTREMELY well done. Thank you so much. Adrian Dobson, Purchasing Officer.

I would just like to extend my thanks for the great resume you did for me. I think it played a big part in landing me an interview for my first job application and then landing the job. By the way, it is a job with [name withheld], in their sales team so it is exactly the job that I wanted. Thanks again. Pascal De l'Epine, Sales Executive

When I decided to move to Australia I contacted Annemarie to assist in rewriting my resume. From the first contact I have found Annemarie to be very professional and the final product was professionally set up. I used the new format resume to introduce myself to a number of companies and within two weeks I received numerous positive replies. The following week I was offered a senior position with a consulting company. My thanks to Annemarie for a job well done and I will not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. Robert de Vries, IT/CIO

Since I have put my CV on the Internet I have been contacted by a recruiter [name withheld] already before arriving in Sydney from Switzerland. This was great news. The consultant's comments on my CV was that it was outstanding including the wonderful presentation and design. A big thank you to you. He has 2-3 positions suitable for me. Dominique Brack, IT

Just wanted to share a happy moment with you: after interviewing with the company - I was offered the job! Thanks for the help with my interview coaching and strategies - a few of them really paid off. Bob Eggles, IT

I was successful and was offered a position paying $20,000 more on my base at  [name withheld].  I have started managing a call centre of 175 reps, and 12 managers, and a workforce planning team.  I am really happy and very grateful for the help you provided in writing my resume and coaching me for the interview.  I am excited about my future there. Belinda Clark, Call Centre Manager

Apologies for not replying sooner, things have been hectic!

Since we last spoke, Iíve had a total of 3 interviews after submitting to four different job positions in the ACT. Of the 3 interviews one is now in the advanced stages (Solutions Architect with [name omitted for privacy]), I have the third and final interview tomorrow.

The resume looks absolutely fantastic, it exceeds my expectations. However what I found of significant value was the interview coaching and your book - 10 key Steps to Ace that Interview!. I have read this carefully and used various of you questions at the appropriate points including the doís and doníts. I have learned a lot from this in a very short period. Again, I personally found this of great value! Brett Flohr, Network Solutions Architect

Thank you for your prompt and greatly valued product which I am looking forward to sharing with prospective employers.

Once again thanks for your hard work and creativity, I'm very pleased with the results.  Just a quick one to let you know the resume is having a great impact to date. Iím very glad to have selected your services to enable me to initiate the search ahead.
Jason Start, Senior Sales/Business Development Executive

I wanted to share the good news with you as you helped me with my resume and I believe it was my resume that did wonders in my application. I have been offered a job (database support) with a State Government Department (Name omitted for privacy).  I was also very pleased with the response I obtained during my job search. I thank you again. Bimal D. Database Support

What an absolutely brilliant job you have done. I was completely taken aback by the quality of the resume and cover letter. I can't believe it's me you are describing! What can I say? You are brilliant! I am so happy with everything you have done. Have already been speaking your praises to every I know!  Rene P. 
Graduate focusing on Research Assistant/Organisational Psychologist roles.

And with her new dynamic career marketing documentation ...

Dear Annemarie

How are you? It's Rene here. Just wanted to let you know I have had my first taste of success as a result of your resume and cover letter writing expertise! I have my first interview on Monday for a research assistant's position with the [name omitted]. I am very excited and also very nervous. It will be my first ever proper interview! Not sure what to expect....

Thanks again! Rene P

I am so impressed with my resume, cover letter, reference sheet, and selection criteria documentation. I absolutely love them. You will be hearing from my husband in the next few days, as he would like to your services.  The cover letter is brilliant - I could never myself produce a letter so good. The reference sheet you also developed is perfect. I wish I had talent to write like you. Thank you very much. Have been to 4 interviews this week and all have commented on how good my resume is. Daniela L. Customer Service Professional
(Landed successful job offer for: Customs Officer)

This is truly fantastic! Everything that I wanted to say you have captured here, and I think your idea about putting the information about the Product and Brand Management project is great. I was actually a bit worried how 'relevant' all my other information was, but by doing that I think it really starts it out the resume with a good, job-focused emphasis.

Thank you so much! I'm so pleased with how well it has worked out... I don't sound too shabby if I don't say! Nick B. Marketing Graduate

I want to say 'thank you' for your support in developing my professional resume and interview coaching. I have just been notified that I have been granted a permanent placement today Ė I am so excited!! My team leader told me she was really impressed with my resume and has read it several times. 

Thanks for your help! Your resume assisted me in moving from a temporary to a permanent role. Iím going to tell all my friends that you are the best resume writer! Wishing you every best of luck with your business! D. Wang. Accounting & Finance Graduate

I am really happy with the covering letter and resume - it looks fantastic!! You have a great style of writing - my careers counsellor was also very impressed. Rebecca R. Human Resources Graduate

You did a terrific job and I am very pleased with the looks of both my resume and cover letter. I wish I would have had this done by your company earlier and I would not have wasted 2 weeks sending out resumes that had no dazzle. Thanks again! Angela W

Thank you once again for providing yet another exceptional resume. Your hard work and assistance in this incredibly hectic time has proven to be not only worthwhile but from what I have seen will open the doors I am seeking to enter during this next phase of my educational and professional endeavours.

Once again I can not express my gratitude enough for your help and will inform you of what opportunities arise as a result of the interviews I hope to attain using the resume you so skilfully provided for me. John L

Annemarie was very reassuring and made me feel that she was well and truly in control of things. She was very encouraging and was so good she upsold me to having my resume done! After seeing the end results, I am so glad that she did. She certainly addressed the Selection Criteria far better than I could have.

If I make it to interview stage, she'll be getting a call from me for interview coaching! I can't stress enough how professional Annemarie was and what a great job she did. Thank you!
Phyllis W. Senior Finance Executive

What an unbelievable resume! I never expected my resume to read as well as it does. My investment was worth every cent. Thanks again for a magnificent document! Robert T. Senior Executive

I've just finished going through everything you sent me and I am very impressed. You have done an amazing job. I can't thank you enough. Definitely worth every cent. Megan C. Communications / PR Executive

Just some feedback on my job hunt - I was offered a position last week with a firm and have accepted the offer! It is more senior, has more responsibilities and pays 70% more than what I am getting now. I believe the resume you wrote for me is what caught their attention and resulted in me getting this role. Thanks very much for your assistance - great job! Al Watson,
Microsoft Capability Leader

Everything looks great! Thank you for making this such a smooth, easy, and wonderful experience. I will recommend your services to others. T. Kim. Advertising & Promotions

I can't thank you enough!!! I questioned myself over and over whether I should spend the money, and I'm so glad that I did. After reading my resume, I would even hire myself!!! Thanks so much!! S.W. Financial Controller

Allow me again to say how grateful I am to have been provided with such stellar resume expertise. My mouth truly dropped in awe as I read what you wrote. You sure have a knack for elevating one's self-esteem! For that and more, I thank you. Amy H. Creative Director

Most awesome! The new look and feel and message of my resume has given me the confidence to move forward into positions. Jo-Ann M. Senior Executive, Connecticut, USA

I have to say I am truly blown away. As my brother said, it is the best money I've ever spent. Truly, I cannot tell you how pleased and impressed I am. Now let's hope I can dazzle a potential employer and land a great job! Judy C. Customer Service Representative

After reviewing my ' New Look ' updated resume I feel compelled to express to you how confident I am in presenting myself to prospective employers.  It is never easy to make change with ones career.  

The resume was articulately composed and very professional.  It was not until I read it through that I realised just how skilled an individual I am and what I can offer in terms of qualifications and personal attributes.   

The unique and insightful way in which you have addressed today's employment environment is outstanding and I feel more than sufficiently equipped to go forward in my search for a more tailored position to cater to my changing career requirements.

Thank you once again Annemarie, I will be sure to keep you informed of my progress. Leah Hussey. Executive Support Professional, Melbourne

A big thanks for help with my resume. The professionalism that was displayed when discussing the format and content of the resume was excellent. It was mentioned at my job interview that the resume was easily interpreted and of a very high standard. The first job I applied for - there was instant success!

I cannot recommend highly enough the services of A.E.C. in putting together a professional resume for anyone seeking to update or compile a new one. Murray Beagley. Sales Executive, Melbourne

I want to thank you for your time in making the most wonderful resume I have ever encountered over many years! I did not want to put the resume down; nor did I want to put the cover letter down! Thank you for all your time on this! Amy E. Merchandising Manager, USA

Thank you so much for working on my resume. I was impressed...even enough to want to hire myself!!! Thank you once again for your efforts; it is perfect!! Kath J. B.A. Investment / Banking Advisor, USA

Steve and myself are very happy with the results of our resumes and covering letters. The service was excellent and I can only repeat "Very good work". The description of our qualifications, achievements and abilities is overwhelming. I wish to be as good in my job as you are in yours. Thank you. "Use A.E.C. and the job is yours!!!" Steve & Belinda Bessell, Brisbane

Thanks! You make me sound really awesome and I'm feeling confident about getting a good job because of you. Thanks again! You and your service are wonderful and I have already told all my friends. Tracy. Marketing /Advertising / Promotions, USA

Thank you so much for the fabulous resume and cover letter. It's almost too good. Having you write it was the best money I've ever spent. Courtney B. Teacher / Artist

You are awesome! Outstanding job! Everything looks perfect. Thank you for spending the extra time on my documents. Rob P. Writer/Performer/Comedian

This is to thank you for your help in designing and preparing my resume – after seeing how you had developed my candidates resumes, I knew I had to ask you to do mine.

With the information I gave Annemarie (which was just the basics), she then asked me a lot of questions about the positions I had held, and what they entailed. The end result was terrific, and I was highly impressed with the quality of my resume. I will certainly refer more of my clientele to her.

I highly recommend Annemarie Cross to any person wanting a professional resume. Wendy Plas-Smith, Employment Consultant, Employment National

I am so happy with how my resume and cover letter turned out. I would never have been able to sell myself so well. I'm glad I made the decision to have a professional do this for me. H. Anderson. Executive

Just a note of thanks for your assistance in late September in preparing a resume and application letter for me. As you can see I was successful in my application due in no small part to the way you presented my training, achievements and experience. Keith W. MacQueen. Bank Manager

Thank you so much for producing a wonderful resume. I certainly couldn't have done this myself. R.T. Systems Analyst

I really appreciate you consolidating my six page plus resume down to three; PLUS you gave it some flair that really makes it stand out. I really appreciate your efforts on this! J.M-Lyle. MIS Director

WOW!!! I don't know what else to say! It looks great. I'm very impressed with your work. Thank you so much! Jess A. Office Manager

I write this letter to convey my appreciation and thanks in assisting in my job search effort. I believe your letter of application was instrumental in my success of gaining an interview, which to my surprise was competing against another 124 applicants. I have read this cover letter many times and find it truly delivers my strengths with great impact. Thank you once again and I look forward to our next meeting for future job applications. P.S. After the job interview I found I had been successful and will commence employment shortly. Marinko Jezabek

I am so impressed with your work! The resume and letter are both absolutely great! Eleanor U. Mail / Administration Clerk

Great job, I love it, thanks very much. I am impressed with your ability to pull out my skills and totally re-write my resume. C.J. Senior IT Professional

I absolutely love what you were able to do for me. It looks great! Thanks for the wonderful job. B.D.

Thanks for doing such a great job on my resume; I will be recommending your services to all my friends. S.Y. Architect

Just a note of appreciation in your development and writing of my resume. I have received a positive response from each application I have sent out, and know it is the result of the resume your prepared for me. In fact, just the other day a comment from one of the Executive Recruiters from ..... Employment Agency mentioned that your resume's "layout, wording and presentation was among the best she has ever seen". Thank you once again. Filomena Pollio, Credit Officer

This looks AMAZING! You make me look like I actually have talent! You're the best!!! Carolyn S. Sales Executive

The resume looks great! Thank you. T.D.

Everything looks fabulous! Thanks for your help! K. R. Arts & Entertainment Professional

The resume and cover letter look great! Thank you so much for all your work! I'm thrilled with the results! C.A. Senior IT Executive

And from another International Recruitment Expert:

This resume is outstanding! I mean it. It's a great resume. I love the word 'visionary' utilized in the opening profile. The summary WILL grab their attention immediately! You have done a great job writing my resume and cover letter; everything is laid out and written so well. Thank you! Dean D. Director / Casting / Production - Arts & Entertainment Industry

How did you find our Consultant? Very helpful, friendly – shows interest. Overall great job. How did you find the overall result of the finished product/service? An excellent professional, friendly service. The service was very much individual, to suit each individual’s needs and expectations. Julia Fratta

I found Annemarie very professional and attentive and she also did a great job in making my resume look more professional. Thank you Annemarie. E. Gross - Sales Executive

The resume looks great! Thank you for working on this for me. Carol

Thank you for the wonderful resume; it really looks great! Now let's just keep our fingers crossed for that next great career. Dan M. Territory Sales Director